This is one of the sticker emojis you can now get on the "Ree Stickers" app.
Photo: Kennesaw State University
Photo: Kennesaw State University

You can now rep Kennesaw State with a sticker emoji

Some people thought the simple 🦉emoji was not enough to express Kennesaw State University pride.

This is a sampling of the Kennesaw State University emojis that now exist on Ree Stickers.
Photo: Screenshot

And now there are some free and not-free sticker emojis available to Owl Nation.

KSU announced on Tuesday that it partnered with the Ree Sticker app to create downloadable emojis.

In the miniature keyboard art, Scrappy can be seen doing sports. He does things like volleyball (“ACE!”) and baseball (“CRUSHED!”).

But $1.99 unlocks a treasure trove of emoji eminence like Scrappy dunking and Scrappy spiking a football.

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You can download them on the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store.

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Kennesaw State University’s game design program is the only one certified in Georgia. Its enrollment has skyrocketed from about two dozen students in 2009 to more than 400 this year.