Would-be thieves drive stolen U-Haul through front of northwest Atlanta Metro PCS store

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Would-be thieves crash into Metro PCS store with stolen U-Haul

Would-be burglars backed a stolen U-Haul truck through the front of a brand new cell phone store on Bolton Road early Tuesday, but the impact apparently left the three thieves too stunned to finish the job, according to police.

The attempted smash-and-grab happened just before 7 a.m. Tuesday at a Metro PCS store that opened earlier this month in the 2000 block of Bolton Road near James Jackson Parkway.

Atlanta police Capt. Adam Lee III said the suspects, two men and a woman, backed the truck, which had been reported stolen from Northside Drive, into the store and “basically destroyed the whole front of the building.”

Lee told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that security video showed that the trio remained in the truck for about 30 seconds before jumping out and running away.

“It doesn’t look like they ever made entry,” Lee said. “They only destroyed the whole front of the building.”

There’s a “strong possibility that the perpetrators were shaken up when they hit the building, because they hit it pretty hard,” Lee said.

“Anyone inside that truck probably would have been stunned for a little while before they were able to gather themselves and escape from the truck,” he said.

Lee said that as is usually the case with smash-and-grab burglaries, the damage to the building far exceeds the value of the merchandise stolen, or in this case, not stolen.

“If they had gotten in here, I doubt if they would have been able to steal enough phones to warrant doing so much damage to that building,” Lee said. “It’s going to cost a lot of money to fix that.”

The owner of the property, Jay Abdullah, said it’s “sad that they did $50,000 worth of damage and got away with absolutely nothing. It’s kind of stupid.”

But Abdullah wasn’t terribly upset about the damage to his building.

“Things like this happen every day, everywhere, and if you’re going to start getting mad, you’ll stay mad all your life,” he said.