Who picks up trash in Gwinnett when it’s dumped on roads or property?

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Reader Sam asks: 

Who in Gwinnett County is responsible for removing dumped trash? Our street has mattresses, carpet and padding, landscaper debris and bags and stacks of garbage dumped on a reoccurring basis. Does the county have cameras to catch offenders?

There’s nothing like the neighborly kindness of sharing your garbage without asking. Unfortunately, if the trash is on private property, you may be out of luck.

ACTUAL FACTUAL: Who has to pick up roadkill in Gwinnett County?

Residents of unincorporated Gwinnett County (i.e. those who do not live within the limits of an incorporated city like Lawrenceville or Snellville) must contact their trash collector to remove any additional trash, waste or bulk items, said Heather Sawyer, a spokeswoman for the county. It doesn’t matter who the trash belongs to if it’s on your property, so you’re stuck with dealing with it. 

If the trash is on public land, like a street, you can contact code enforcement by calling the main phone line at 770-513-5020, the complaint line at 770-513-5004 or emailing

There are not cameras dedicated to monitoring for illegal littering or dumping. If you see someone dumping trash or debris in a place where it doesn’t belong, you can call the Gwinnett County Solid Waste and Recovered Materials Call Center at 770-822-7141 to make a report. Staff with the Solid Waste and Recovered Materials Division and the police department’s Code Enforcement Unit will follow up on that report.

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