Water main break floods DeKalb street

Crews worked late into Wednesday night after gushing water flowed for several hours in the afternoon due to a break in an 8-inch water pipe on Rockbridge Road in DeKalb County.

The flowing, muddy water soaked several yards and flooded driveways near the intersection of Kendridge Circle, according to video from Channel 2 Action News.

Rushing water flowed onto one driveway, where rising waters were higher than the tires on two parked vehicles. Homeowner Angelo Diaz told Channel 2 there was at least 3 feet of standing water in his basement and a foot of water in each car.

"In the last rains of a few years back, there was maybe 1 foot at the highest, now everything in the basement is damaged," Diaz said.

It was not immediately known what caused the main break. County workers were able to stop the flowing water late Wednesday afternoon and were attempting to clean up the mess left behind.