This N. Fulton city will pay residents to tear down brick mailboxes

If you own a brick mailbox in Roswell, city leaders would like it removed.

And they’ll pay for it, too.

At a council meeting on May 8, Roswell approved a voluntary program for homeowners where — if they choose to participate — the city will remove those bulky mailboxes for free. The city is also reminding homeowners of a policy already in place that prohibits large fixed-object mailboxes near the road.

The action stems from two fatalities that occurred in December 2016, when a driver lost control of his car and hit a large stone mailbox in front of a Roswell home, then crashed into another brick mailbox, according to news reports at that time. He and his daughter, who was riding in the front passenger seat, were both killed in the crash.

These large mailboxes being referenced in the city’s program are typically made from brick or stone and likely would not break away if struck by a vehicle.

"They're terribly dangerous on the public right away," Roswell Transportation Director Steve Acenbrak told Channel 2 Action News. "They don't mix well with a vehicle. It's absolutely a worthy cause for us to be making our network safer."

Acenbrak said about a dozen homeowners have already taken advantage of the program. But, it does have opposition.

“I think that’s insanity,” Michael Litten, a Roswell homeowner and candidate for mayor, told Channel 2. “I think there are much more cost effective and simpler solutions. Lighting has been proved irrefutably to improve safety, reduce crime and enhance the aesthetics, if it’s done right.”

If Roswell homeowners would like to participate in the brick mailbox removal program, all they have to do is call the City of Roswell Department of Transportation at 770-594-6420. The homeowner would be responsible for purchasing a new mailbox after their old one is removed.

For more information on the program, visit

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