The Vent

To the postman with the gyrocopter: typical postal delivery, he delivered mail for congressmen to the White House. Nice try!

Look out Atlanta jaywalkers, a precedent has been set to allow the police to run you down. Too many folks are watching those so-called TV cops shows.

Obama went to Columbia University and Harvard Law, where he was president of the law review (considered the most prestigious in the country). Do you know what they call even the poorest students at those schools? Way smarter than you.

Not sure, which word is the most overused these days: icon, legacy or proactive?

So all politicians are liars, news to me.

Wonder about the mental capacity of Congress when they spend April 15 consumed with Macbeth tax legislation full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

"Never use eight words when two will do. Be succinct." I see what you did there.

So what happens to the teachers who were forced out and fired because they refused to cheat? Do they get their records cleared?

I can not recall seeing anything more idiotic than those APS trial protesters signs saying – We support Dr. Hall and APS – which says that we support hundreds of poor kids being cheated out of their education by corrupt, greedy, and selfish educators. These students can never be made whole again regardless of remediation efforts because that was a one time period in their lives that can not be recaptured. As Gov. Perdue so aptly and tearfully testified — their one shot.

The progressive agenda is for government to replace the free markets in allocating wealth and opportunity.

Romney admitted on his campaign forms that his 401(K) contained between $21 million to $100 million. Contributions to a 401(K) are capped to a few thousand dollars each year. You figure out how he did it.