Things like government-funded cellphones are way more important than air traffic control but all it takes is a disaster to realign priorities.

Steve Martin and his wife can have as many kids as they want. I highly doubt his kids will be a burden on the taxpayers.

I smile each time I see the sign,"Unattended children will be given espresso and a free kitten…"

Every time I go to a doctor's office early, they give me 45 minutes worth of paperwork. They've changed their recordkeeping system, lost it, or "it has been over a year", or the govt has changed the required recordkeeping format and they have to start. It's ridiculous.

City of Atlanta posted that our street would be swept on Monday, so we should park off the street. We did, and nothing happened. On Thursday the cleaners showed up and left behind all the trash under the parked cars.

What is morally wrong can never be partially right.

Don't complain about the streetcar! That was paid for by Federal dollars and we all know that money is free.

Anyone who believes exempting lawyers from the lobbying law regarding registration fees and reporting gifts needs to call me. I have a beautiful waterfront lot for sale in the Everglades.

I will not tolerate intolerance.

Cheney wasn't at the Bush library opening? Was he visiting Iraq?

I don’t like George W. Bush. And there’s been no mention in the Vent about the deaths of over 4,500 American soldiers in Iraq. Too sensitive, Mr./Mrs. Vent editor?