The Vent

Energy drinks are just Geritol for the younger set.

Sunday's "Doonesbury" was beyond outrageous. Brain damage is not a subject for comedy. Brain damage from being injured in war is double not a subject for comedy.

My grandfather fought in a war against the United States of America and lost. Out of respect for this heritage can I have a swastika on my Georgia license plate?

GOP Representative Peter King dismisses Ted Cruz as 'carnival barker.' Please do not insult carnival barkers in this manner.

Boy, DeKalb County sure can pick idiots for their school board.

Back when I graduated I took a "year off." In that year I worked odd jobs, traveled and had a good time. Now kids take a year off and they do absolutely nothing.

Ted Cruz announced his presidential aspirations, but he didn't mention how and what he is going to do about the racial divide in this country. He talk about Christian values and faith but nothing about race. I would like at least one candidate to talk honestly and open about it. It will be the ultimate cancer that will destroy the country, and it gets on my nerves that people don't think it exists.

Does Atlanta really need a goofy TV weather forecaster?