The Vent

The Vent: Where the ignorant can go public with their lack of knowledge.

Would you rather people value their self worth by their failures?

Want to see the young voting? Bring back the draft. Only problem is the educated, socially conscious protesters are have either died or don't think you deserve bailing out. Good luck, kids.

Got my popcorn. Got my easy chair. Let the tea party and Republicans show their true colors.

Maybe Purdue can outsource Georgia State Government too—India sounds reasonable. We'll save us a few bucks and won't have to listen to hateful campaign ads.

Dear Salvation Army: Please get with the times and enable mobile phone donations via text!

I'm giddy over the election results too! But I think it's really Ebola, since I attended the hotel celebration party and there were so many out-of-towners from Texas.

Let me get this straight. The Republican plan for energy is to produce more, ship it overseas and we buy more, ship it here and it cost more. Works for BP and other big oil companies.

Now that corporations have bought the U.S. Congress they will be able to finish the destruction of a once thriving middle class.

Georgia has become a one party state, therefore voting otherwise is a waste of time!

The reason you get so much negative campaign advertising is because the people who did the most of it WON!

Why move to Georgia? For the great weather and to be close to family since my job was outsourced in Carolina. Now that I'll have Perdue as my senator, I'd better get ready to move to Belize, or join the Army!

People hated the obstructionist Congress and then vote in the people that caused that to occur. It just shows that people do not consider the consequences of their actions.

You ask why people move to Georgia when it is rated last in every category? To take advantage of the uneducated and easily manipulated. Witness recent election.

Dear Republicans: You can take over my country, but you will never get my loyalty and respect.

Congratulations, conservative voters and progressive non-voters! You got what you wished for. I hope you can endure … lower wages … fewer good jobs … less health care … outlawed birth control … voter suppression … all because of "brand loyalty" instead of common sense!