The Vent

I was quarantined in Atlanta when I had mennigitis. Folks, it is NO BIG DEAL. You just do it to protect others.

Just fire all the people that participated in the APS scandal. They proved they are cheaters. They would fail kids that did it!

Headline reads, ‘GA inmates underfed,” to that I say, “Tough!”

Hey, politicians, negative advertisements work only on the ignorant, the gullible and the stupid. The rest of us look at the facts — so we know when you’re lying. Liars will NOT get MY vote!

You think you have it bad? I pulled the tag off a mattress, went swimming 15 minutes after eating, and drove in Atlanta. I obviously have a death wish.

Note to DHS. Perhaps if you controlled the border you wouldn’t have to worry about terror at your door.

Every Georgia politician wants to be the “education” candidate. All any of them have ever done is throw money at it and that obviously hasn’t helped.

I wouldn’t worry much about Honey Boo Boo and her family affecting Georgia too much. Not when you have people like the Kardashians and others representing the state of California.

Speaking of fancy cars, the other day while coming home, a Porsche cut me off, drove 50 mph in a 35 mph zone, zig-zagged in and out of traffic and I soon lost sight of him. That is, until I pulled up behind him at the red light he had been sitting at. I yelled out the window, “You win!”

To the guy in the fancy car who thinks he owns the road: My car has dents, lots of them. I’m not worried at all about hitting you.

Is there some rule that says that whoever sings the national anthem isn’t allowed to have the words in front of them? It seems to me that a simple sheet of paper would solve the whole situation.

Just wanted to thank all the transplants from Michigan and Illinois for lowering themselves to be around us ignorant Southerners.

Our governor left Congress to end an ethics investigation. We paid $3 million to those who were fired to cover up his state ethics violations. If we re-elect him, we deserve what we get.

People who are singing the national anthem have no business doing so because they have no real talent.

Stay with the Packers. Moved to Atlanta in 1988 from Green Bay, and the only team worth switching allegiance to was the Atlanta (Milwaukee) Braves.

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