The Vent

In the 80’s, when I graduated, we had a whole vocational building, with wood working, cosmetology, car mechanics, etc. You learned invaluable trades. Knuckle heads who cut them, need to bring them back.

Women have every right to walk safely to their cars (or anywhere), day or night. Women, carry pepper spray and/or handguns. Let’s reduce the criminal population.

The term “Congress” means the House of Representatives AND the Senate, together, something very few people seem to be aware of.

All women should be able to walk at night safely. Don’t blame the woman if she can’t.

Okay, you don’t use math like taking two-thirds of seven-eighths every day, but you should at least know how to do it!

Maybe the venter who outed Brooke Shields for not having a La-Z-Boy should investigate whether Jamie Lee Curtis and John Stamos actually eat the yogurt they promote, if Alex Trabek has insurance with Colonial Penn, or if Fred Dalton Thompson has taken out a reverse mortgage on his house. We could go on and on!

Buses would be better if there were adult monitors. I’d give my tax dollars for that. A bus driver can’t really pay attention to the road and 20-something, acting-up kids adequately.

So, Kennerly supposedly took a million dollar bride and had to pay a $10,000 fine. I’d say he made quite a profit.

In the middle of a bad weather flight night at the airport why does the subway train still shut down at midnight when it is really, really needed?

As a teacher I would love to have students that did homework.

Hadn’t been to Chastain in years. Some things never change. People still talk throughout the performance.

My son just started public pre-k and is riding the bus at 4 years old. Please overprotective moms, let them out of their bubble.

I think Alan Jackson is one of the few good country music singers that we have left. The Opry has gone too wild, screaming out songs just doesn’t cut it.

I’m Roy Acuff’s 4th cousin, he would roll over if he knew the money that country singers make now, and at the lack of manners this world has.

So tell me which other state are offering free tuition? I would love to know.

Go Tyler Perry. Your plans will bring jobs and prosperity to a part of Atlanta that really needs it.

You can have Flo, Red and the AT&T girl. I’ll take the Hardee’s girls any day!

Coke needs to add all the nicknames for grandmothers to the #share a coke promotion. They will sell a gazillion more bottles of Coke.

No piano lessons, no soccer practice, no playing outside, and no free time for middle-schoolers. Just got to get the homework done.