The Vent

To the habitual Arkansas prisoner who wants to keep his beard for religious reasons - how about not committing crimes so you can stay out of prison and maintain whatever body hair you want?

Screen for Ebola by $12/hour TSA agents? The folks running this country are idiots!

Why are education leaders so focused on test results? Because politicians told them their jobs depend on it!

Excuse me, Mayor Reed: but for your information, the city of Atlanta does not have a port. Stick to what you were elected to manage and stay out of state business.

If you actually waited in a fast food line for 30 minutes, you deserve less than whatever your server was making .

Money saving tip for the government: close the useless "Do Not Call List" department.

As long as we're talking about outside mirrors, how about an automated dimmer for when the idiot behind you, but a little left or right, blinds you with his bright lights while you wait for the signal to change? Or how about a mirror on the rear bumper that lets him SEE his own headlights?

I buy tickets to five or six ASO concerts every year, and I appreciate the high quality of the performances. However, if ticket sales are only $5 million and orchestra salaries are $10-11 million, perhaps our city does not deserve such a fine orchestra.

I wonder how many parents took the time for a teachable moment with the lunar eclipse? My guess is not many and that, folks, is what is wrong with education in America in a nutshell!

Just because a company outsources jobs, doesn't mean they were sent overseas. I worked for a major hotel chain who outsourced their housekeeping jobs to an outside company. Most airlines outsource the jobs of cabin services also. Your ad was correct until you added the overseas comment.

I want my vote to send the lady to DC who knows how to castrate pigs.

In theory, goods purchased on the net are taxable, but since so many online businesses only collect them for their home state, there is no practical way to collect them. Have you ever written a letter to the Georgia Department of Revenue with a check for the sales tax on that laptop you bought online?

Any state that tries to attract businesses solely with low tax rates will attract the business which are solely concerned with low costs, rather than a high quality educated work force with high morale because of the quality of life in the area.

Germans consider the arts their rights. They spend $40 per person on art support and have glorious symphonies and theater. Georgia spends 14 cents per person. That's why we have a problem. We hold our rights to hold AK47s and have football stadiums over all else. We're the barbarians now.

If you want milk to last longer than 7 days, make yogurt. Do it the old fashioned way and it won't need refrigeration.