The Vent

Sorry, but I’m a Vietnam vet who served 20 years in the military, and I still believe in free speech for ALL Americans, not just the ones that agree with my opinions.

Why is it that the news programs cover stories that involve nothing except the dregs of society? I am so sick of hearing about murders, rapes, burglaries, etc. These things are not news. Aren’t there things going on with people who have more class, education and a sense of responsibility for their actions?

Obama says ‘uh’ a lot because he’s stalling for the teleprompter to catch up.

I see more fat people parking in the handicap spaces now than ever before. Maybe they should be forced to park far away so that they can get some exercise walking to the store!

Please quit bringng your pets to the Alpharetta Farmers Market! I am trying to buy food and enjoy myself without your dog sniffing or drooling on me. Is it that difficult to leave them home for 1 hour?

how long before the King family decides to sell the the gold medal

I still question the mentality of any parent who “forgets” his child is in the car!

Lady, you ordered 2 whoppers, a large fry, an apple pie, and then have the gall to ask for a diet coke? Give me a break!

The Brave’s name is totally insensitive: I think we should go back to being the Georgia Crackers.

Will the Atlanta Braves and Cleveland Indians have to change their names?

Yeah, enough of this political correctness BS. Why should I be forced to respect others’ feelings, beliefs, rights, religion, heritage, sex, nationality, etc?

Alpharetta is ignoring the mass traffic jam that is about to occur when the new Avalon Mall opens in October. Adding a single turn lane is not going to help the mess that is being created by another 5,000 cars per day!

Do not forget that the word Indian is also offensive to the Liberals, so Cleveland better change their name also!

Highway trust fund going broke? What do you expect when requiring greater MPG? Higher MPG, less gas bought, less tax revenue. Short sighted environmentalist.

How come the airlines do not limit the weight of their flight attendants. Some of their oversized rears and hips are way too big to make it through the isle without smacking a passenger in the shoulder or head.

Great stuff Google!! Keep the ditties coming. A HUGE number of us are enjoying the World Cup.

If you only vote once per election; then shut up!

I’ll take Obama’s “uh” over Dubya’s “heh heh” anytime!