The Vent

The more we hear about the VA, the more it looks like bureaucrats were trying to run it like a business.

The problem is not educational spending, it is parents who do not reinforce, nurture and develop their children.

If your brake lights go on before your turn signal does, you’re doing it wrong.

The commercial with the guy married to a marionette is just plain creepy.

Sure is hard to turn the wheel of your pickup with one hand while holding the cellphone to your ear with the other hand. HANG UP AND DRIVE!

After waiting and waiting to make my right turn, I will NOT let you in at the last minute.

Georgia’s education needs help - no doubt. But more money isn’t the answer. Accountability and rewarding merit is.

$91,000 for a bottle of wine and your great-grandfather was mayor of Atlanta?! Politicians and their spawn get rich while we pay taxes.

The problem with “education” these days is that they don’t teach anyone how to read a ruler. Cultural bias, I guess.

Company executives give themselves excessive options worth tens of millions, yet poor-mouth when it comes to bonuses for the working class. Five percent of my salary for bonus is a lot less than 5 percent of your salary and incentives.

Even if I have a reason to get a handicapped parking pass, I’ll refuse to do so. It’s become the symbol of crooks, fakers and the self-possessed losers who use them illegally.

When a person buys a bottle of alcohol, he will take it home and open it. When a person buys one of those mini bottles at the counter, he will drink it while driving home.

I wish our Georgia legislators would copy the states that are doing better than us in, oh, everything like education, roads, mass transit, health care. Instead of just trying to stay at the bottom. Tax cuts for rich people do not build roads OR stadiums.

The teens who were left overnight in a holding cell were not expected home that night because they were incarcerated. DUH!

No excuse, but in California it’s legal for motorcycles to drive between the cars on the expressway.

Simply cut funds to a government agency until it can’t function properly, then point a finger and say government can’t do anything right.

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