The Vent for Wednesday

I would like to apologize to my students. Today I spent the majority of their time dealing with unruly, apathetic students and I am sick of it! Parents, if your children don’t value education, please keep them home. My students and I would be very grateful.

Does every parade, such as NY’s St. Patrick, have to be a “gay pride” parade or be boycotted? Is that what we’ve come to?

We had bullies in school in our day, too. We just dealt with them a little differently. We beat the #%$@ out of them so they would not pick on the smaller guys again. Not too politically correct today, though.

I remember a time when there were ladies and gentlemen and a society that frowned upon promiscuous behavior.

The grocery store bagger tried to bag my potato chips with a ten pound bag of onions and the ant spray with fresh produce. Perhaps we need to lower the minimum wage.

Thanks a lot, criminal low life scum. My kids grew up playing softball at Wild Horse Creek park and now you have turned it into a murder scene. Hope you rot in jail.

I thought folks up North knew how to handle unusual amounts of snow, unlike us down South. Maybe not.

I am getting letters from the City of Atlanta offering insurance to repair water pipes from the street to my house. I am afraid they would dig a ditch in my yard and cover it with a steel plate.

Actually, shareholders cannot just dismiss the CEO and the Board of Directors. It doesn’t work that simply. This is why you aren’t in charge of anything beyond your own accounts.

Some places require ID regardless of your age. It’s not about how old you look!

I’ll get a ticket for driving too fast or driving too slow.

Perhaps now all the DeKalb County residents focused on cityhood will now focus on countyhood.

Hey, Sherlock! There are many accidents caused by speed on the highways. And there are many caused by high speeds on any sort of racetrack. Have you not seen the accidents that have taken out drivers, spectators, etc? You turn away from the truth.

Privatizing prisons has brought us more prisoners. Privatizing banking has brought us bankruptcies. Privatized health care insurance has made us have the most expensive healthcare in the world. Why do some people think privatizing schools will help our country?

Is it premarital sex if your laws don’t allow me to get married?

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