The Vent for Wednesday

People are still complaining about the names of sports teams when our world is in crisis? Seriously?

We have a government shutdown, but only 17% of the government is actually shut down. If politicians can't do simple math, no wonder they can't balance a budget!

Is anybody's appearance improved by wearing a baseball cap backwards?

Thank you, Mr. President, for showing us how well big government works.

Unfortunately, our kids today are learning their social skills from warcraft video games and their job skills from car theft video games.

Some of the "non-essential" furloughed workers are scientists who work in CDC labs to track the flu epidemic and keep people healthy and safe! Not all furloughed feds are paper pushers!

As the soundtrack for supposedly macho culture, country music produces a lot of really sappy songs.

When any politician says "lamestream media," I consider the speaker and delete.

Why is access to basic health care such a bad thing?

The Chicago Blackhawks were named after the founder's army unit, not the tribe. The Blackhawk tribe is supportive of the team and its name.

Humans discovered North America around 14,000 years ago when they came across the Bering Strait from Siberia. But we celebrate Columbus Day because he was the first European to get here?

The Tea Party is going to accomplish what the Soviet Union, the Nazis and terrorists couldn't while calling themselves patriots and blaming everyone but themselves.

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