The Vent for Tuesday

Will President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi please explain why a 59-year-old woman is now required to have health insurance for maternity care?

Guys wearing earrings just look goofy.

Many people voting for Democrats don’t realize how far left the party has turned. The Democratic party of JFK is not the same as the Democratic party of Obama.

If people are so concerned about their privacy, why do they post everything they do on Facebook, Twitter, etc.? These sites have made billions exploiting people’s stupidity.

Why can’t gas caps be on the same side of all vehicles?

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Attention, Boomers: Oldies radio is back in Atlanta on 98.9 FM.

We need to prohibit out-of-state contributions to political candidates. Why should we allow people in NY or CA to purchase a seat to change us?

Republicans believe they should not be forced to contribute to YOUR idea of society.

If Obama could have prevented the stoppage of payments for military funerals, why did Congress have to vote for it?

The EBT outage was in more than 15 states. That’s news, so it gets in the paper.

The government shutdown cost $1.6 billion last week. Come on, people, we can’t afford this.

It would be something if there was no government at all. The something would be you and all who think like you screaming and praying for government to come back and save you.

We need to bring back congressional earmarks. Those little bribes would cost the economy less than the shutdown.

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