The Vent for Saturday

Where is the blame on Coke, Delta, SunTrust and other big wigs for not shutting down non-essential services?? The folks never should have been downtown Tuesday to begin with!

I’m having a hard time seeing why the GEMA director should have the same job next Monday. This was a textbook example of public misfeasance.

The weather problem could be solved by extending transit service to the surrounding counties 2 million cars heading for the same hwy at the same time will cause a traffic jam on dry days. Complete the outer highway for trucks..

Among all of the traffic jams on the highways, I didn’t see one salt truck. There should have been hugh piles of salt somewhere.

How many snows will it take for Atlanta to get it right? How embarrassing. Thank goodness the children are O.K.

I think the reason the state did not clear the roads is they are in cahoots with the people who are towing the cars. Is it just me?

It shouldn’t take a disaster to remind people what it’s like to spend quality time with their families. Carve out a day a month to play Monopoly, Scrabble, cards etc. together.

Bringing more businesses and people into Atlanta contributed lots of cars and trucks to the jam. We have already overwhelmed the road system. This is the opposite of Portland’s planning for a quality environment.

To all you transplanted tv news reporters, Atlanta is pronounced like Atlana not Atlantaaa. This is from someone was born and raised here.

“Man survives wood chipper.” By chance his last name isn’t Jones, is it?