The Vent for Monday

The more I see of leaders today the more I realize how much a treasure McArthur, and Churchill were in their day. Where are those who would have the capacity to lead in that way today? We certainly didn’t elect any of them lately.

My Confederate ancestors fought against those who were violating the Constitution. Those who think the war was simply about slavery are quite uninformed.

Gee! Another Kennedy gets off of a DUI charge. It’s almost stereotypical. Too bad no one believes them!

Thumbs up! Thumbs down! Nominate for Best of the Vent Score: 279

When I was a kid, we would go to the Lakewood Faigrounds to see the sideshow freaks. Now, all we need to do is watch reality television.

I guess it is no surprise that drug dealing was going on at a place named Hood Mart.

To win the Georgia lottery all you have to do is work for the lottery and then retire!

Opie (Ron Howard) turned 60. And he married and stay married to his high school sweetheart. Thanks—-I needed hearing that on ET of all places after the litany of dysfunctional people that have done more to destroy marriage than Hugh Hefner.

Tattoos are not the answer to anything, just like weird body piercing and drug use.

A new cold war. how nostalgic. Only problem is kids today are too fat to get under their desks after the teacher shouts “duck and cover:.

That Georgia Lottery commercial is right. Win fifteen million dollars and you still wont be able to afford cable.

It would be really funny all this concern about making up snow days if there was any real use for those days. The end of the year is nothing but crowd control and safety concerns.

People drive fast because they hate sitting in traffic? What kind of sense does that make? You speed because you think the world revolves around you and only you.

Your vents might be better understood if they were punctuated correctly and the spelling was correct.

Most guns wouldn’t be coming to schools if parents had them locked up in a safe place.

At least the Atlanta streetcar project didn’t end up going up Peachtree Street, snarling traffic, like it was originally proposed to go.

Well, yes and no. Yes, the vents that get voted down are not understood. But no, they aren’t humorous.

I get my news from Comedy Central, and my comedy from Fox News.

They were fighting for the South because their southern politicians convinced them that the loss of slavery would not only destroy their cotton-based economy but threaten their white-dominated society.