The Vent for Monday

Those retired people who saved for their retirement are paying taxes on their IRA's and other savings. Don't dare think I don't pay taxes.

I am all for profits. I would prefer that they remain here in the United States of America.

My car starts with a button and a $200 piece of plastic that needs a working battery. How is this better than a metal key?

Before smartphones, hardly anyone took their picture in the bathroom.

How do I get a job with the city, and then a promotion, and then a hefty pay raise, regardless of the quality of work I have produced? That seems to be the pattern.

I wish The Fox would lock the doors when a performance begins. It's so annoying having to get up and block the view of others to accommodate a late-comer.

Thank you to the lady who gave me a gift card for my Easter ham. I'll pay it forward.

I have an unpublished phone number. I have a post office box. I have a device on my phone line that screens numbers in my "welcome list." Life is quiet and free of unwanted mail and phone calls!

Times have changed. Elvis is dead. And you don't have to watch American Idol.

I am a hard working government employee. The only problem is, when I do my job efficiently, I am told that I am doing it too well.

I was very impressed with the excellent behavior of young people at Thursday's afternoon performance of The Lion King!

I am a government employee that manages a department that I would put up against any for efficiency. Can't say that for other departments, but I give you your money's worth

Please tell me how weather forecasters are worse than ever with all their current technology.

Fulton County closing two homeless shelters due to a $1.8 million human-services funding cut. How inhumane.

I haven't started mowing my yard yet. I'll going to rent it out to groups for Easter egg hunts.

The Brave's stadium will be $18 million more. So what. What's a few million among friends? And by friends, I mean Deal and all his friends who will benefit.

You think the Zaxby's ads are bad? GEICO's marketing team is horrendous. Look at those awful ideas for commercials.

I know most people don't remember, but Atlanta had the world champs in soccer. We traded them or sold them.

I love the fact that the GOP senate candidates are exposing each other. We knew they were crooks a long time ago and now they are confirming it.

Atlanta acquiring Ft. McPherson! Is it too late for Arthur Blank to put his stadium there?? It would be much cheaper than the megabucks needed for Cobb County.

Know who else pays taxes on everything they buy? Illegal immigrants.