The Vent for Friday

Stop saying President Obama is the fulfillment of Dr. King’s dream. The dream was, and is, bigger than one person.

Remember the good old days when the only drug advertised on TV was Geritol on the Lawrence Welk Show?

This political blame game has gotten to the point of ridiculousness. Everyone should own up to their own actions in this country.

How does Syria’s use of gas to murder its citizens constitute a serious threat to our national security? If it was China or Russia, we wouldn’t dare interfere without Congressional approval.

When you vote people into a public office, you can also vote them out.

Impound both the phone and car if caught texting while driving.

With all the politicians and businessmen in Gwinnett getting indicted for fraud and bribery, I don’t think I’ll vote to extendT-Splost. I just don’t trust that bunch with all that money.

Dr. King said, “If you can’t be a sun, be a star.” There are a lot of “full of themselves” Americans who need to hear that.

When leaving a message on my answering machine, speak clear and slowly. I listen one time and hit erase if I can’t understand you.

I wish folks would just look in my wallet, instead of constantly reaching into it.

For those who think CEO’s make too much, they get paid what someone is willing to pay them.

I’m not worried we will start World War Three. Congress has already determined we’re broke so they won’t raise the debt ceiling. There’s no way we can afford another three trillion on a war.

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