The Vent for Friday

Where's the conservative outrage over the latest farm bill giving over $3.5 million in welfare to several millionaire Congressmen?

Weiner is proof all politicians aren't in government to help the people, but to get the power and influence for themselves.

For those recording artists boycotting Florida, we should boycott their concerts and remove their cd's from the shelves.

Banks that were too big to fail and jail are now even bigger than when we bailed them out. Our politicians are enabling their arrogance and corruption.

In five months I will face a fine by the government if I choose not to buy health insurance. Is this still America?

Thinking about officially turning my back yard into a mushroom nursery and letting the poor grass just drown.

My wife signed us up for a tour to Austria because she said she wanted to visit a niece who lives in Sydney.

Does anyone seriously oppose more energy efficient appliances? Saves money, reduces oil dependency, reduces pollution.

May the Maloof brothers RIP. Thanks for Manual's.

The unofficial symbol of Midtown used to be a rainbow flag. Now it's neon construction vests.

Maybe Batman was trying to arrest Superman because he's an illegal immigrant.

Comparing golf to NASCAR is like comparing steak to a hamburger

Conservatives would rather pay higher health insurance rates than buy it from an Obamacare exchange? Talk about cutting off you nose to spite your face.