The Vent for Friday

The new streetcar doesn’t go anywhere near the aquarium - or Coke museum - or the big hotels. It goes to from the M.L. King Center to the Ferris wheel. Then it goes back to the M.L. King Center. And it travels through some of the worst parts of the city. Yep -- tourists are gonna be thrilled with that one.

Young Thug arrested for acting like a thug. Wow, didn’t see that coming.

How many times did Edison have to pick himself back up and start over? That sort of person is why America is great. Today people want to start out on top and if they don’t get there on the first try are ready to throw in the towel — no perseverance.

Piers Morgan of CNN would do great on The View — blah blah and nobody listens or cares.

Yes, God forbid that Gwinnett County Schools would interfere with sporting events.

It was a lot cheaper living in Atlanta when it was just us rednecks.

The City of Atlanta needs revenue? Police could collect thousands by ticketing all the drivers texting on Piedmont. Every day in rush hour I see two out of three drivers texting behind the wheel.

To the I Love Living in Dekalb County Venter: Vernon Jones is running for Sheriff, not Vernon Jordan. Jordan is the other guy. Signed, Laurence Fishburn --  sorry, I mean Samuel L. Jackson.

Men, enough with the beards. Some of you look horrible!

Why are my tax dollars being used to send rich kids to private school?

God bless Arizona. They have a governor with a brain.

Is any one else tired of all these protests? If you are going to protest, do it for everyone that has been killed by a bad person.

Governor Deal is asking the Feds for snow removal money but will not take millions for Medicaid. Go figure.

To heck with the temperatures, my Siamese cat has decided it’s Spring and has started to molt.

One reason your first house in Florida, a mile from the beach, cost so little was because in those days, being close to the beach in Florida was not such a big marketing pull.

Freedom of religion bill? What if Middle Easterners decided it was against their religion to serve other people contrary to their religion. Where would we buy gasoline? Just saying! Can you spell "bicycle"?

Yet another stupid law in Georgia. Left lane creepers could actually be going the speed limit. Enforce the laws already on the books -- ticket the speeders!

Oh, but you can compare the number of troops in WWII to now. We are still making the moronic mistake of putting too many troops on the ground. That’s where most of them get killed or maimed for life.

Georgia legislators seem to look for every objectionable idea and bring it here. See immigration, anti-gay laws and now statutory discrimination. Is it possible to be any more ashamed of where I live?

Here’s how I see it. When I see the Confederate flag, I think of nothing but the KKK. There’s no pride in that! I’m a 65-year old Southerner and I think we need to let it lie. There’s plenty for Southerners to be proud about. But the flag isn’t one of them!

The Civil War occurred because the South wanted states' rights. And that right was to have slaves. If there were never any slaves in the South, there probably wouldn’t have been a Civil War.

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