The Vent for Friday

A government large enough to give you all you want is big enough to take all you have.

Just because you're driving your grandmother's car with a handicapped sticker, that doesn't entitle you to park in a handicapped parking place!

Being entitled and feeling entitled are two different things.

The reason they can't solve problems in Washington without political partisanship is because Congress is full of immature, unprofessional, power-hungry elitists.

The government should not be in the retirement business.

If companies offered to pay most of us what we're worth, we couldn't afford to work that cheaply.

During rush hour, Hammond Drive makes GA 400 look like a race track.

Good luck getting a 6% return on your Social Security investment over 40 years.

Every day is Cyber Monday to me.

How about when a company decides its religious beliefs don't allow it to hire women, Jews, or blacks? You all still gonna support that?

I guess hurricanes only count if they hit us. Tell it to the Phillipines.

If you're getting back less than you put into SS then you are a high income earner but you're in the minority. People are living longer and taking out more than they put in.

Another climate change denier gets positive votes on the vent. Understand what a trend is, and apply that to a geologic time scale. Read the science, there is no conspiracy. Please stop promoting ignorance.

Future of the country,.. vote Republican.. We did that with Bush and look at the wars, debt and lies that got us!