Q&A on the News

Q: Has the mysterious case of the (Erie, Pa.) pizza deliveryman Brian Wells, strapped with a bomb around him, ever been solved? The bomb killed him.

-- David Matheny, Rome

A: Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong, 61, was convicted in November for plotting to kill Wells, The Associated Press reported. It said Kenneth Barnes, 57, is serving 45 years in prison for pleading guilty in 2008 to his role. Of the others involved, one died of cancer, and another was killed by Diehl-Armstrong, prosecutors said. Diehl-Armstrong, who faces life in prison, is scheduled to be sentenced on Feb. 28. Wells was forced to rob a bank wearing a metal bomb collar that exploded shortly after the heist on Aug. 28, 2003, the AP reported.

Q: Now that the ice problems are over, can you tell me how long one should wait to take vintage cars that might be rust-prone out on the roads that have been salted?

-- Don White, Atlanta

A: This is a difficult question to answer since there are just too many variables, including road type, amount of salt/sand spread on the road, amount of rain and runoff conditions, Wayne Suggs, a chemistry professor at the University of Georgia, told Q&A on the News in an e-mail. He wrote that it probably will take at least two or three heavy rains to reduce the salt on the roads.

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