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Q: Regarding the story on Sept. 22, "Treasury to sell SunTrust warrants," thus completing the bank's payback of federal bailout money, I recall a good many banks repaid their stimulus money in the first year. How much of the $700 billion bailout has been repaid, including banks, GM, Chrysler, et al? -- Dan Hollums, Sandy Springs

A: The Associated Press has reported that $315 billion has been repaid to the Troubled Asset Relief Program. The government distributed about $413 billion of the $700 billion authorized by Congress to rescue banks, automakers and AIG. AIG and the automakers haven't repaid all of their aid, leaving the program about $100 billion in the red, although the government has seen a profit in its investment in banks.

Q: Of the people who were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame as a player, who spent the most time in the minor leagues? -- Don G. White, Atlanta

A: Jim O'Rourke, who was elected in 1945, played parts of 13 seasons in the minor leagues, a library associate with the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., told Q&A on the News in an e-mail. O'Rourke, who had the first hit in the history of the National League, played for five major league teams from 1872-93 and then spent the rest of his career in the minors, playing until 1909, when he was 58 years old. O'Rourke was 61 years old when he played one minor league game in 1912.

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