A reader hopes this steel plate will soon be removed in Senoia. Photo/Submitted.
A reader hopes this steel plate will soon be removed in Senoia. Photo/Submitted.

Update: Brookhaven (DeKalb)

Last month we told you about Josh Huffaker’s massive stormwater problem at his residence.

“I’m writing you today as a concerned citizen of Brookhaven. I have a storm water drain in the corner of my property at 2487 Drew Valley Rd NE that is overflowing causing substantial flooding around my house,” Huffaker wrote.

He said that recently his wife and two month old daughter were stuck in the house praying water did not enter their home.

“I have been sending this to the city of Brookhaven for months, but they are taking no responsibility and will not remedy the situation,” he added.

We heard back from Brookhaven officials.

“In short, the problem is not Brookhaven’s to fix. The area between the two houses is private property - not a right of way - but it was a drainage path, until it was backfilled and landscaped. The city of Brookhaven was not a party to, and did not authorize, these changes. This was previously explained to the homeowner,” said Communications Manager Burke Brennan.

Days on list: 6

Who’s looking into it: Communications Manager Burke Brennan, burke.brennan@brookhavenga.gov

Item: Atlanta (Fulton)

Joseph Palladi is concerned over a trashy road.

“On the northbound on ramp to Ga. 400 at the Glenridge Perimeter Connector, there are three debris piles stacked up atop and behind the guardrail. They have been there before December of 2016. I read in an article that GDOT cuts the grass on the interstates every month, which is an improvement of past policies of mowing it once in the spring, the summer and at the end of fall. So why haven’t these piles been picked up?” he asked.

We sent the issue to the DOT and will let you know when it’s resolved.

Days on list: 2

Who’s looking into: Georgia Department of Transportation spokeswoman Natalie Dale, ndale@dot.ga.gov

Item: Senoia (Coweta)

A resident is tired of a steel plate that is often the concern of many of our readers. This time, the plate is located in the historic town of Senoia, at the intersection of Seavy and Plant Street. We sent the issue to city officials and will let you know when it has been addressed.

Days on list: 2

Who’s looking into it: City Manager Harold Simmons, hsimmons@senoia.com