Take to task for Jan. 15


Take to task for Jan. 15

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Michael Smith hopes this metal plate in Midtown will soon vanish. Photo/Michael Smith.

New item-Atlanta

Michael Smith hopes something can be done about a metal plate in Midtown.

“This metal plate has been across 7th Street in Midtown for many months. I would love to see proper street coverage in this area at 7th and Mentelle Drive,” Smith wrote. We sent the item to the city and will keep you updated. City officials quickly responded and said the plate had been removed, and crews would finish the asphalt topping next week.

Days on list-1

Who’s looking into it: City of Atlanta Department of Public Works Commissioner William Johnson, 404-330-6240, wmjohnson@atlantaga.gov

New item-DeKalb County

Jack Hyman has an issue with a sewer cap in DeKalb County.

He said the issue is in front of 2485 Shallowford Road, a heavily trafficked road.

“The street has been broken around a sewer cap for over two years and gets worse daily as cars have to drive right on it, especially during rush hour. I have written, called and faxed about this problem multiple times over the past two years to no effect. A few months ago, some lines were spray painted around it but nothing has happened since,” he wrote.

We sent the item to DeKalb County and will let you know when to is fixed.

Days on list: 4

Who’s looking into it: Communications Manager Andrew Cauthen, acauthen@dekalbcountyga.gov

New item-Brookhaven

One of the issues we encounter frequently is poorly-timed traffic lights. This week, we were sent another example.

“The traffic signals on North Druid Hills Drive are poorly timed going eastbound. The light at the intersection of I-85 and North Druid Hills Drive backs the traffic up all the way to Buford Highway. I work in the Druid Chase Office park and it is impossible to get out of West Druid Hills Drive because people block the intersection,” wrote Byron Williams.

He said it would help if the traffic signals were timed better to prevent the traffic from backing up or signage added to the intersection to keep people from blocking it.

“The cars leaving Druid Chase Office Park have to sit through numerous green lights some days before they can turn onto North Druid Hills,” he added.

We let Brookhaven officials know about the problem.

Days on list: 1

Who’s looking into it: Communications Director Burke Brennan, burke.brennan@brookhavenga.gov

WHAT’S BROKEN NEAR YOU?We want tips from across metro Atlanta. Call us at 404-526-2546 or send email to fixit@ajc.com

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