Study: Here’s how much you have to make to afford to live in Gwinnett

Depending on where you live in Gwinnett County, you have to make between $17.88 and $29.81 per hour in order to afford to rent a two-bedroom apartment, according to a new study.

The National Low Income Housing Coalition calculated the minimum wage a worker would have to earn to afford the rent for a two-bedroom home in every state and select metropolitan areas for their 2018 Out of Reach study. The study defines the ability to afford a home as spending one third of your take-home pay on rent. The study found that no worker earning the federal minimum wage of $7.25 could afford a two-bedroom home on their own in any county in the U.S.

That is also true among Gwinnett County’s zip codes, according to the study. The least expensive zip code is 30360, which contains parts of Gwinnett and DeKalb counties just south of Peachtree Corners and Norcross. A worker would need to earn $17.88 to spend one-third of his or her income on housing in that area.

The most expensive zip code is 30019, which includes parts of Dacula and the Hamilton Mill area. It would take an income of $29.81 per hour to spend a third of your income on rent there.

The study did not determine a wage for every zip code in the county. Here are the wages you have to earn to afford housing in many of Gwinnett County’s zip codes:

30019 (Dacula/Hamilton Mill) - $29.81

30024 (Suwanee/Sugar Hill) - $28.08

30045 (Lawrenceville) - $27.50

30087 (Tucker/Stone Mountain/Mountain Park) $25.77

30017 (Grayson/Snellville) - $25.38

30039 (Snellville) - $25.38

30096 (Duluth/Berkeley Lake/Peachtree Corners) - $22.88

30043 (Lawrenceville) - $22.69

30078 (Snellville) - $22.69

30519 (Buford/Braselton) - $22.50

30044 (Lawrenceville) - $22.31

30052 (Loganville) $22.31

30092 (Peachtree Corners/Norcross) $22.12

30517 (Braselton) - $22.12

30047 (Lilburn) - $21.35

30340 (Doraville/Tucker) - $20.77

30093 (Norcross) $20.58

30620 (Bethlehem) - $20.38

30518 (Buford/Sugar Hill) - $20.19

30046 (Lawrenceville) - $18.85

30084 (Tucker) - $18.65

30011 (Auburn) $18.46

30071 (Norcross/Peachtree Corners) - $18.08

30360 (Doraville) - $17.88

Find out what wage affords a two-bedroom home in your zip code here.

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