5 students robbed near Georgia Tech in 2 weeks

Georgia Tech students are on alert after the second armed robbery was reported near campus in the past two weeks.

Two students walking home on Richards Street were ambushed around 1 a.m. Thursday, police told Channel 2 Action News.

Three college students, two from Georgia Tech and one from Georgia State, were robbed at gunpoint Sept. 4 while walking near Mecaslin Street and Ethel Street in northwest Atlanta, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported.

“They just bank on people not being aware of their surroundings,” neighbor Alexa Reynolds told Channel 2 Action News.

Students told the news station they were horrified to learn of the robbery, but know that they are not exempt from crime.

"Living in a city as big as this one, we have to be conscious of it," Georgia Tech student Emma Siegfried said.

She said she usually feels safe on campus and felt safe after attending a football game Monday night.

"Our police department is really great. I know they had police set up down a specific route we were sent out to walk on both to and from the game so they're really amazing," she said.

After police shot and killed a student Saturday night on Georgia Tech’s campus, students told The AJC they still felt safe.

“I think these things happen everywhere; it’s just how you handle the situation,” Aashal Dave, a third-year student from Athens said.

Some students said they feel safe on campus, but that changes the second they step off.

"I just wish there was something more we could do to make sure it's a safer environment, not just on campus, but the outstanding regions where students are also living," Georgia Tech student Will Cook told Channel 2.

He said he'll never walk on or off campus at night alone.

"Just trying to be street smart about it and not wanting to do anything stupid about anything," he said.

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