Westside Mexican restaurant re-inspected after insects reported

Nuevo Laredo website

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Nuevo Laredo website

UPDATE: The restaurant was re-inspected Monday and received a score of 82/B.

ORIGINAL STORY: A popular Mexican restaurant failed a recent health inspection, with officials noting "fly and spider activity during inspection."

Nuevo Laredo Cantina, at 1495 Chattahoochee Ave., scored a 66/U following the Thursday afternoon evaluation.

According to the report, an employee was seen not washing their hands before returning to work.

Officials also reported food debris buildup on a can opener blade and pink buildup on the interior flap of an ice machine.

Vice president Ashley Evans said the inspector came at the middle of a "completely busy" lunch when several caterings were going out.

Everything on the report has been addressed and corrected, and staff has been re-trained, Evmas said.

“We’re confident our score will return to the A we had before."

Follow-up inspections are generally completed within 10 days of the original evaluation.


1495 Chattahoochee Ave.

Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Score: 66

Read the full report here. 

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