Snow? No! And Atlanta Twitter users aren’t happy about it



Call it NO-pocalypse 2017. As in no snow here in town. Zero. Zip. Nada.

But nobody should be short of ice today, especially if you enjoy yours freshly scraped off tree branches.

When Atlantans used to feel cheated out of a rare snow day, we just grumbled into our coffee and, if we weren’t too distraught, headed outdoors to build a flake-man. But social media gives us the option of sharing our disappointment with friends, family and a multitude of people we don’t know, so now we take to Twitter and fuss about how the winter weather forecast turned out to be just another snow job.

That’s the case as folks around metro Atlanta woke up on Saturday to... ice, in most cases. They wanted snow and they are upset with (and pretty darned cynical about) the lack thereof. And when Twitter isn’t happy, nobody’s happy. Here are some examples from the Twitter of our discontent:

😏 #atlantaweather #Atlanta #StormMode #StormWatchOn2 #weather— Gary Alan (@gbro76) January 7, 2017

And nobody’s getting a break today -- period.

😒 #ATL #SnowDaysBeLike— DJ Eboogie (@iamdjeboogie) January 7, 2017
😭Where's the snow? 🤔#AtlSnow #AtlWeather #Weather11— Bluebird Patch ATL (@BluebirdPatch) January 7, 2017
😴😑😒❄️🙄😑😴 #snowpocalypse #atlsnow #ATLweather— Matt Genné (@matt_genne) January 7, 2017
😂. It's something! #atlsnow #SnowStorm— bry (@brittwastaken) January 7, 2017
😁🌨☃️🍞🍌🍜 #atlwinter #atlsnow— ✨Glorious Shanti ✨ (@Glorious_Shanti) January 7, 2017

This = truth. Let’s be honest.

Beans? Really? Huh...