Snellville supports one state bill, opposes another

Snellville officials are urging residents to contact their local state legislators in support of Senate Bill 309 which will authorize the creation of two authorities tasked with issuing tax-exempt bonds for pooled financing of local governments.

The bonds could be used to acquire goods, materials, real and personal property, structures and supplies eligible for revenue bond financing. The intent is to lower taxpayers’ costs by providing a less expensive alternative to finance the same types of projects and equipment currently authorized for multiyear lease, purchase or lease purchase contracts.

According to city officials, “Without the measure, smaller cities are at a funding disadvantage and projects like the 2005 construction of Snellville City Hall would have been hindered.”

Snellville leaders have joined other municipalities in the state in stating their lack of support for House Bill 302-Senate Bill 172, which would prohibit local governments from regulating building design elements in single- or double-family dwellings.

Additional information and to find contact information for state legislators representing Snellville: