Snellville extends moratorium on rentable scooters, bikes

In March 2019, Snellville passed a 12-month moratorium prohibiting shareable dockless mobility devices in the city. Earlier this month, the Snellville City Council voted to extend the moratorium prohibiting rentable scooters, bicycles and similar devices for another six months ending Aug. 10.

The city is concerned that shareable dockless mobility devices are often operated without regulations or supervision and are designed to be left wherever the “renter” chooses to leave them, including sidewalks, streets and other public rights of way creating dangerous conditions for pedestrians, handicapped citizens and vehicle operators.

This moratorium extension is made in part so the city can wait to see if Georgia Senate Bill 159 which directly addresses electric scooters, will pass the Georgia State House of Representatives. If passed and signed into law, the city would need to consider the state regulations when creating any city ordinance.