Seen this bumper sticker? It may help the FBI solve a DeKalb robbery

The FBI on Friday asked again for the public's help solving a November DeKalb County armored car robbery.

Agents have obtained a security camera photo from the Nov. 26 Bank of America heist that may hold the key to the investigation. It shows a bumper sticker on the suspect’s Jeep.

They hope the photo, which was released, isn’t too hazy. It’s unclear in the photo what is on the bumper sticker.

The robbery happened at 3141 Turner Hill Road, Lithonia, where the Dunbar Armored Car was servicing an ATM. A man pointed a handgun at the courier and took cash.

Investigators believe the robber and an associate with him may have scouted out the bank for days or weeks. The FBI wants to hear about any suspicious activity during that time at the bank.

“The armed robber and another individual left the bank in a dark-colored Jeep SUV investigators now think could possibly be a Jeep Compass,” the FBI’s statement said. “The license plate on the vehicle was removed. The subjects drove away at a high rate of speed heading northwest on Mall Parkway past Stonecrest Mall.”

The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward and Dunbar is offering a $5,000 reward.