Roswell, Milton OK with CID’s expansion

The city councils of Roswell and Milton have consented to a proposed expansion of the North Fulton Community Improvement District, which takes in parts of the two cities as well as Alpharetta.

A total of 28 “value added” parcels are in the expansion area — 15 in Roswell and none in Milton, according to documents attached to the Roswell and Milton resolutions. A majority of property owners, and the owners representing at least 75 percent of the value of all affected real estate, have consented in writing to be taken into the CID, the resolutions say.

The Alpharetta City Council has not yet voted on the matter but is expected to take it up at its Monday meeting.

The North Fulton CID was formed in 2003 to serve “as a catalyst for transportation planning, investment and improvement,” according to its website. The self-taxing district levies a tax paid by commercial property owners for local improvements.