Rideshare driver says motel manager wouldn’t help after she was robbed

Rideshare driver says motel manager wouldn’t help after she was robbed

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Channel 2 Action News
Stephanie Martin
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  • A rideshare driver was robbed at gunpoint in Cobb County.
  • The woman said she was attacked outside a motel in Austell.
  • The manager refused to let her inside, she said. 

A rideshare driver is outraged that a motel manager refused to help her after she was robbed at gunpoint Sunday.

Stephanie Martin told Channel 2 Action News she is a driver for Uber and Lyft and was ignored when she shouted for help outside a Super 8 motel on Cityview Drive in Austell.

“I said, ‘Call the police, call the police,’” Martin told the news station. “I said it several times.”

The general manager told Channel 2 the motel had been robbed in the past and the policy is to keep the doors locked at night and not let anyone inside the lobby.

But Martin had checked into a room before she was robbed; she was a motel guest, according to a Cobb County police report. 

While Martin waited for a passenger in front of the lobby, a man opened her car door and demanded money, the report states. 

“All of a sudden I heard my door open, and as soon as I turned there was a gun right here,” Martin told Channel 2.

She described it as a handgun with a silencer on it. 

The Iraq War veteran’s first instinct was to reach for her phone and call her three children. 

“I was thinking about if this was the last time I would say I love you to my kids,” Martin said.

The man called Martin an expletive when he asked who she was calling, the police report states. Then he grabbed her phone and ran off.

The manager said he would be able to access the surveillance video and turn it over to police, but hadn’t yet done so.

“I hope they catch him, and I hope I get to look at him in his eyes in the court of law like he looked at me and watch him get away,” Martin said.

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