Restaurant inspection: Henry County sports bar needs cleaning

Management at Deez Hot Spot, a sports bar in McDonough, showed a total lack of knowledge regarding food safety principals and code requirements, said a Henry County health official who conducted a recent routine inspection.

Among observations, the meat prep sink and several refrigeration units had raw fish stored among thawed raw chicken. And in one cooler, raw swai fish was stored directly beside some loosely wrapped cheese.

An upright freezer had soiled towels inside. The appliance also needed cleaning. And milk, which had expired a week prior, was still being used, the inspector said.

Deez Hot Spot, 119 Griffin Road, McDonough, scored 55/U on the routine inspection, down from a previous score of 89/B in April.

Among other code violations, raw fish was thawing in the sink at room temperature. There were no thermometers to take internal food temperatures.

Fish and raw chicken in a cooling unit were both well above safe temperatures, and were discarded. Other prepared foods had been cooling too long and risked contamination. They were also thrown out.

The overall facility was unclean to touch and sight, the inspector said. It needs to be decluttered, and the floors and walls throughout need cleaning, according to the inspection report. In addition, there was no hot water and not enough working refrigeration during the inspection. Repairs had been made by the day’s end.

Deez Hot Spot will be re-inspected.