Rats invading DeKalb apartment complex, residents say

Residents told Channel 2 Action News that large rats are invading their DeKalb County apartment complex.

The Highlands at East Atlanta apartments are being overrun by rodents who are scaring families, they said.

"I'm worried about as a mom is them biting my children when they come out," Lewetta Foster told Channel 2.

A large garbage bin is the source of the problem, residents contend. They said they have repeatedly contacted management and need secure trash receptacles to help fix the problem.

Apartment management has not yet responded to Channel 2's request for a comment.

Neighbor Taurry Banks, who has a baby who crawls, is worried about the children at the complex and the possibility that the rats are carrying diseases.

"I come out with my BB gun and gonna shoot at some of them," he told Channel 2.