Raises for Riverdale mayor, council delayed

In Riverdale’s council meeting June 29, nine employees lost their jobs as the city council voted to pass the budget for fiscal year 2015-2016. The result is almost $600,000 saved in personnel costs. The budget goes into effect July 1.

The mayor and council were set to receive a $400 raise, according to an ordinance passed last June.

“I wanted to know how city hall will justify voting to eliminate and displace many productive city workers in the name of budget reductions while the elected officials authorize an increase in mayor and council compensation within the upcoming budget,” said Corey Punzi, one of the employees to lose his job.

Each council member gets about $9,600 per year before the raise. The mayor receives $14,400 annually, but she suggested a delay getting the raises to contribute more effort to balancing the budget. The mayor also suggested they cut travel and education allowances for mayor and council members in half to save more money. The council passed both suggestions with the budget.