RE:Race – AJC staffer Pete Corson on interracial marriage

With RE: Race the AJC has undertaken new coverage of diversity in Georgia with the goal of fostering a respectful community conversation. Members of the AJC’s RE: Race team talk about race and why this new coverage is important. (Erica A. Hernandez)

This video is part of RE: Race, the AJC’s new project dedicated to covering race and ethnicity in Georgia.

Our racial and ethnic fissures and fault lines seem most obvious in politics. But our daily interactions with one another are perhaps more important – and more telling – than how we vote every four years. That’s what RE: Race is about.

Later this week, we’ll offer an in-depth examination of the dramatic demographic transformation of Cobb County. Cobb, you may be surprised to learn, is the last of Georgia’s most populous counties that is still majority white, and even that will change soon.

These profound changes create tension and also opportunity. So on Thursday we’re exploring what it means for a county to “tip” to majority minority – particularly a place with such a remarkable heritage of intolerance.

Because this story is your story, we’re also collecting first-person pieces by folks in metro Atlanta on how they experience race in everyday life.


About the project, Re: Race

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is launching Re: Race, a new body of coverage on how we experience race and ethnicity in Georgia.