Powder Springs family denied claim by city

The Powder Springs City Council voted 5-0 Monday night during a special called meeting to deny a Dec. 2 claim from a Powder Springs family against the city.

City Attorney Richard Calhoun said the claim from this family has been going on for “quite a while” but did not specify any amounts.

Instead he said Major Ross, Kimley Ross and Annette Ross Wooten wanted reimbursement from the city for repair costs to their family residence, resulting from the Lewis Road construction they said placed their house “in a hole,” where it has been burglarized and vandalized and become infested with roaches and snakes.

In mid-November, the family was given two months by the city’s court to repair their house at 4241 Lewis Road or it will be torn down by the city as “unfit for human habitation.”

No longer inhabited, the house, now zoned commercial by the city, has a $15,000 value on land that has been appraised by the city at $56,085.

City officials estimate repair costs to bring the house up to code at around $100,000.