Mall of Georgia-area cafe reinspected after failing health evaluation

Mimi's Cafe near the Mall of Georgia failed its Monday afternoon health inspection.
Mimi's Cafe near the Mall of Georgia failed its Monday afternoon health inspection.

UPDATE: Mimi's Cafe at 1880 Mall of Georgia Blvd. was reinspected Wednesday and received a 96/A.

The only violation reported was “buildup on both drink nozzle and clear dispensers on the soda dispensing machines.”

The restaurant had released the following statement after its failed Dec. 19 inspection:

“Food safety is our top priority and we will continue to be proactive to ensure this does not happen again. We are cooperating fully with the health department and took immediate action to correct all violations. While by law a re-inspection must be unannounced, we welcome it with confidence. Internally, we have provided food safety training to the entire management team and all team members. In addition, we have retained highly respected third party to provide additional training as well as the health department itself.”

ORIGINAL STORY, published Dec. 20: A popular Mall of Georgia-area restaurant failed its health inspection this week, with improperly stored foods and dirty containers among the reported violations.

Mimi's Cafe, located at 1880 Mall of Georgia Blvd. in Buford, received a 56/U on the Monday afternoon inspection.

According to the inspection report, chicken was improperly stored “behind” salmon and shrimp and above hamburger patties in one of the restaurant’s coolers. “Cantaloupe, [a] sliced boiled egg, [and] pancake mix” were all being kept at unsafe temperatures, officials said, and steaks were seen improperly thawing “under running water.”

“Observed several containers stacked as clean with food debris,” the report said.

The restaurant was also cited after the inspector found “back up in hand sink in bar area, backing up onto floor from underneath sink.”

Mimi’s Cafe, which offers French-inspired cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner, is a national chain with locations in 25 states. The Mall of Georgia location is one of only two in Georgia.

Asked for comment around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, a Mimi’s employee deferred to the restaurant’s general manager. By lunchtime, that person had not replied to the The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s inquiry

A follow-up inspection will be completed within 10 days of Monday’s failing evaluation.

Mimi's Cafe

1880 Mall of Georgia Blvd.

Buford, GA 30519

Score: 56

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