Popular DeKalb Chinese delivery spot rechecked after bad health grade

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Update: The restaurant was reinspected Wednesday and got a 96. Read the new report here.

Original story: Golden Sun, a popular Tucker Chinese delivery restaurant, failed a health inspection this week after a health inspector noted a variety of issues.

The Lawrenceville Highway eatery, located in the Cofer Crossing shopping center, received a 64/U on the Thursday afternoon check, according to the report. It was a far fall from the 96 the restaurant got in July.

Manager Sunny Sum told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution she's very upset and regretful about the issues and is training employees immediately to correct the problems. She said the restaurant will definitely pass the next check.

The issues were mostly related to food storage.

The inspector found chicken stored on the floor, as well as cooked and raw meat stored together.

Chicken wings were seen "cooling" on the counter top.

Rubber gloves were "stored" in the sink, the report said.

Restaurants that fail health checks are typically inspected again within 10 days.

Golden Sun
4349 Lawrenceville Highway, Tucker
Score: 64/U
See the full report here.

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