Police say mom picks fight outside Chuck E. Cheese, brawl ensues

Kristen McCart (from left), Adidas Whitehead, Sara Gibbs
Kristen McCart (from left), Adidas Whitehead, Sara Gibbs

A small group of adults are accused of brawling in front of an Athens Chuck E. Cheese on Sunday, police said.

The crowd included adults and kids when police arrived.

When mother Sara Gibbs pulled her child out of the arcade and restaurant, her child bumped into and knocked over another child, according to an Athens-Clarke County police report obtained Thursday by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Kristen McCart chased Gibbs, who ignored the fact that her child knocked over another child, according to the report. The two moms’ fight turned physical in the parking lot, the report states.

Officer N. Della Fortuna wrote that a witness showed officers cellphone video of the fight.

The video shows McCart and another woman, dressed in all black, on the ground hitting each other. “Multiple people are attempting to separate the physical altercation which led to more pushing and yelling, causing the altercation to worsen,” Fortuna wrote. “Eventually, the two were separated and the altercation returns to a verbal dispute.”

The police reports states Anna Petree was the woman who first fought with McCart and that Petree pushed McCart’s “significant other,” Adidas Whitehead.

After being pushed, Whitehead allegedly struck at least two women in the crowd with a closed fist.

One woman, who was not charged, had noticeable swelling and bruising under her right eye, but she denied medical treatment, Fortuna wrote in the report.

Petree’s open wound under her left eye was severe enough that she was taken to a nearby hospital.

McCart, Gibbs and Whitehead were arrested on charges of public fighting. Whitehead was also charged with battery. Petree was charged with fighting in public but had not been booked with a mug shot, according to the sheriff’s office.

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