Police looking for Fairburn man linked with possible dog fighting

Fulton County police are looking for the 44-year-old owner of the property where earlier this week they found about 20 dogs they suspect were used to fight.

Friday, the police said they were looking for Reginald Crockett as a suspect in the alleged dog fighting and animal cruelty incident from Koweta Road in south Fulton.

A Fulton County police officer was drawn to the property near Fairburn when he noticed a horse running free, according to police spokeswoman Cpl. Kay Lester.

When the officer approached a house at the location, he spotted several dogs that appeared to be malnourished and heard more dogs barking in some woods. That is where the officer found several dogs chained to trees.

Lester said those dogs also appeared to be under-nourished and some had scars suggesting they had been used for fighting. Some of the dogs were a pit bull mix but not all of them, she said.

The also found more horses and some pigs.

The horses and pigs are being housed at the Fulton County Animal Shelter on Marietta Boulevard in Atlanta, and the dogs were taken to LifeLine Animal Project in Avondale Estates.

Anyone with information on Crockett’s whereabouts should call the the Fulton County Police Department at 404-730-7911.