Peachtree Corners approves amended ordinance on discharge of weapons

After hearing from residents and business owners during a public hearing at Tuesday night’s city council meeting, Peachtree Corners approved an amended ordinance to address bow hunting and gunfire within city limits.

The ordinance to address gunfire allows property owners the use of guns to defend themselves and their residential property. However, the ordinance prohibits all other gunfire in residential areas due to public safety concerns.

The ordinance also gives bow hunters, who have a valid hunting license and written permission from property owners, the right to hunt on private property within city limits.

“The council has listened to everyone’s input and as a result, I believe we’ve crafted an ordinance that balances citizen’s safety with property rights. The amended ordinance is also consistent with state law,” said Mayor Mason.

The ordinance does not prohibit any officer of the law from discharging a firearm in the performance of his or her duty. The law does not apply to the use of BB guns or air pellet rifles. The new law will be enforced by the Gwinnett County Police Department. Residents who wish to report gunfire or illegal bow hunting should contact the GCPD.