Pajama drive underway to support foster kids

Credit: Stock photo / FOTOSEARCH.COM

Credit: Stock photo / FOTOSEARCH.COM

Oftentimes, foster kids arrive at foster homes with only the clothes on their backs, so Mattress Firm Foster Kids' decided to launch a pajama drive with a goal to provide foster children with the essential items – like pajamas – so they can adjust to a new home and succeed in a new environment.

All 101 Mattress Firm stores in Atlanta are hosting a Pajama Drive, the first of Mattress Firm Foster Kids’ six 2017 donation drives to benefit local foster youth and families. Through Sunday, Feb. 12, Mattress Firm will accept new pajamas and monetary contributions to give foster kids the comfort and warmth of a new pair of pajamas.

“There are more than 415,000 children in the U.S. foster care system, and while we know that not everyone can be a foster parent, anyone can help a foster child. That is why we created the Mattress Firm Foster Kids initiative,” said Michelle Hardy, regional development director. “This initiative was created in response to requests for support from local foster care organizations, citing a need for essential items like shoes, clothing, pajamas and school supplies. Those are items that most of us don’t think twice about, but to foster families and kids, these items help make the transition into foster care a bit easier.”

All proceeds will be donated to Bloom Our Youth and Foster Care Support Foundation at the end of the six-week drive. The two organizations have supported foster kids in the Atlanta for years.

The pajama drive will benefit both organizations as they provide clothing, shoes, school supplies, toiletries, toys, books plus other items that are needed or could be enjoyed by the child.

“As pajamas are a necessity for each child’s comfort, many that come into foster care haven’t had any that they could remember to call their own. The goods received by the FCSF center are the child’s items to keep as are the toys, shoes, wardrobes, books and school supplies with back packs,” said Rachel M. Ewald, founder and CEO of Foster Care Support Foundation. “It helps the child of trauma start rebuilding their lives with things they can call their own and help them start the healing process needed to overcome abuse, neglect or deprivation in their past.”

In addition to supporting the pajama drive, people can support Bloom Our Youth by volunteering to sort donations, assist in shopping, or supporting special projects and events. For Foster Care Support Foundation, volunteers can come and help fill orders for items that need to be shipped, become mentors for its Hope 4 Tomorrow Mentoring program, and more.

The pajama drive is just one of six donation drives that Mattress Firm will host this year to support foster kids. “We hope we can help improve the lives of foster children, and we’re doing everything in our power to rally our teams and the communities to provide foster kids and families with the essential items that they need to succeed,” added Hardy.


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