Outdoor activities canceled at Hall County schools after bear sighting

Sardis Enrichment is officially the home of the Bobcats. But Tuesday, it was unofficially the stomping grounds of a bear.

Three Hall County schools, including Sardis Enrichment School, were forced to cancel all outdoor activities for the remainder of the day after a bear was sighted in the area.

The principal of Sardis Enrichment, Neil Yarrington, says that there have been several bear sightings in the area for the last few weeks, and that his mother-in-law saw one just a few weeks ago.

“But I restricted the outdoor usage of our campus all day long, so we stayed inside all day long until dismissal,” Yarrington says.

After school, Channel 2’s Jeff Dore spoke with school children as their parents picked them up. Nicholas Lozelle, a fifth grader says, “There was like one or two people that’s scared but it was more excited than scared.”

School officials will decide Wednesday morning whether to continue to cancel outdoot activities.