NFL player arrested after alleged drunken behavior at Chamblee nightclub

Defensive tackle Malik McDowell, the Seattle Seahawks’ top draft pick.

Defensive tackle Malik McDowell, the Seattle Seahawks’ top draft pick.

Seattle Seahawks rookie defensive tackle Malik McDowell is out on bond after being arrested at a Chamblee night club early Sunday morning.

McDowell was at the SL Lounge in the 4100 block of Buford Highway when police were called shortly before 2:30 a.m., according to an arrest report.

The NFL player — who has yet to see any action after he was hurt in an ATV crash before the season started — allegedly used expletives while shouting outside the front doors that someone stole $600 from him.

“I want my (expletive) money, I paid for my car to be parked and a (expletive) section,” McDowell allegedly said.

The head of security told police money is only taken inside the club.

A friend of McDowell’s, Kevin Epps, tried to call McDowell, according to the police report. Both men were permitted into the club, but were later asked to leave when they allegedly emptied two bottles of alcohol into a bucket.

“The odor of an alcoholic beverage, that was coming from (McDowell’s) person, was prevalent,” Officer Angel Hidalgo wrote in the report. “I repeatedly had to give him instructions and at one point he threw himself down on the ground in a tantrum.”

Epps then started yelling at the officers, and he was arrested as well. Both men were charged with disorderly conduct and later released on a $325 bond, the report states.

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